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Are you a professional in the HR  Industry or you are looking into joining the field? Do you want a chance to learn new skills that will help grow your career?

For every job industry to thrive there has to be a Human Resource professional to ensure that all the employees hired are able to perform their tasks to a high standard. Meaning? You are Indispensable!

With that in mind, I have great news for you!, Corporate Staffing Services has provided the right platform for you, an exciting Practical HR Skills Training & Job Mentorship Program that will set your career path for a bright future.

What do I stand to gain? Well, here are some key reasons to book a seat:

1. Career Growth and Success: This caters for the professional who wants to climb the ladder in the HR Industry.  The training program has been tailored to equip you with appropriate skills and competencies that will help you perform better and be able to advance in your career.

2. Higher chance of employabilityFor the job seeker who has been tirelessly trying to enter the HR job market but to no avail. Are you constantly wondering why your applications are not pushing through? Here is a chance to get a new and better perspective. The training will focus on what employers are looking for, this way as you are applying for jobs you will have the knowledge and skills to prove to recruiters that you are a suitable candidate.

3. Relevant HR Skills: The training and practicals are well-tailored to suit the current HR needs and trends.

Follow this link here to learn more about the CSS Practical HR Skills Training & Job Mentorship Program

Book your seat now to experience the program starting from  Monday, 26th to Friday,30th August.

Five days that will change your career’s future, see you then!