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By Ruoro Kairu 

The ultimate goal of your CV is to get a job. When writing the best CV, you’re looking for a way market your skills, experience, and qualifications. This way, an employer will see you’re suitable for a particular position.

However, with the job market full of professionals looking for a job, your CV has to stand out for the employer to take a keen interest.

A single job advertisement could attract hundreds to thousands of applications. How can you ensure your CV helps you get the job among all these applicants?

Here is how to write the best CV to get you that Job

1. Tailor your CV to a specific job

When looking for a job, you might get tempted to apply for as many jobs as you can. However, this can negatively affect your job search success.

When applying for a job, you want to connect with the employer. You want them to feel as though you wrote the best CV just for them, and you’re a perfect fit for the position they had advertised.

When you apply for multiple positions, you’ll likely have a generic CV going out to all the employers. With this, there will be little connection with a specific employer.

To fix this, tailor your CV with every application you make. Take time and go through the job description. Then, highlight the areas in your CV that match the employer’s needs.

For example, if you see they are looking for a professional with a certain skill, if you possess the skill, it should be the first skill you highlight on your CV.

The job description can help you customize your CV to what a particular employer is looking for.

While this may reduce the number of applications you make, it does increase your chances of getting the job.

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