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By Perminus Wainaina 

“I’m afraid I will never get a promotion!”

This was Joseph’s sentiment during our one on one career coaching session a few months back.

Joseph has been in employment for the last six years. Through this time, he’s been at the same entry-level position. His peers who got into the job sector around the same time as he now hold supervisory and managerial positions.

After three years of no growth, Joseph thought the company he was working for was the problem. He applied for jobs in other organizations, but his applications mostly went unanswered.

For the few interview calls he got, he would soon after receive a regret email.

Joseph decided to stick where he was and work on growing his career.

Years have passed, and still, nothing!

“I feel like I’m the laughing stock amongst my friends!” says Joseph.

“The people whom we graduated together are now building their houses and buying cars, and I’m still here, earning the same salary I was all those years ago.” he continues.

During the career coaching session, I wanted to better understand what had held back Joseph from career growth. More importantly, I wanted to help him get to the next step of his career.

Are you in a similar situation as Joseph?

Are you overdue for a promotion?

Here are three tips that will help you earn that promotion at work;

1. Develop the skills required

While you want to get that promotion, you need to remember there are added responsibilities that come along with the promotion.

Take a managerial position, for example. Besides getting your work done, you’ll also need to supervise other employees in the team. You’ll have to ensure everyone is up to speed on their work, and the team has met its targets.

Additionally, being in a position of leadership means interacting with the team members and identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and how this can impact their productivity at work.

When I asked Joseph if he had taken time to develop effective leadership skills, he admittedly said no.

Before an employer can promote you, they first need to see either leadership skills in you or the very least, you having leadership potential.

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