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Accounting jobs in Kenya are among the most sought-after job categories. The accounting sector  is generally  an indispensable department  in any company.

Despite this fact, competition for accounting jobs in Kenya is fierce. How then can you stand out?

Fredrick Ocholla , a qualified accountant with over five years in the job market had firsthand experience of this. While he was employed, he desired to move jobs and grow his career.

“I was looking for a better job. I felt it was time I move up the corporate ladder.” says Fredrick

However, despite his experience and active application to accounting jobs, Fredrick could barely get any interviews

“Despite my qualifications, I had to examine the job market to better understand what skills employers were looking for. Afterward, I developed these skills and only then did I get a job.” he continues.

I interviewed Fredrick to better understand his journey, his experience through the practical accounting training, and what he had to do to get the job he was after.

Here’s our interview;

What gap were you trying to address when you joined the training?

“Even with my qualifications, I was struggling to get Job Interviews.”

I had sent so many applications without success that I decided to change this.

I did my research to see what it is that employers were looking for in accountants. Some of the key skills I found out they wanted were how to file taxes on iTax and an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks.

After this, I went on the internet and looked up if anyone was offering these trainings. I saw Corporate Staffing, and soon after decided to enroll.”

 What stood out to you during the training?

“The whole training was practical and personalized. The trainer would take the time to explain each topic and break it down fully.

On this one day, we were looking at filing taxes on iTax. The trainer shared a shortcut to filing VAT where you don’t have to keep repeating the same process over and again. With the shortcut, even if you make an error, you can simply rectify it.

I also liked the CV writing and interview coaching advice which proved helpful. When I went for the interview, I used the tips shared in class and I got the job!”

How did the training help your career?

“Through the training, I gained accounting skills that helped me secure a job. I also learned how to write a professional CV and pass a job interview.

“I’m glad I attended the training and I would recommend it to all accountants.”

Are you struggling to get job interviews?

Are you looking for a promotion?

Are you new to the job market and wish to gain practical skills?

Or are you’re looking to change jobs?

The practical accounting training arms you with the skills and tools to achieve your professional dreams and you too will be able to grow your career like Fredrick

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