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By Ruoro Kairu  

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

The first impression normally creates a person’s opinion of you.

While writing a CV, you want to make the impression that you meet the qualifications, skills and experience the employer needs. There are various ways to showcase yourself as the most fitting candidate for the position.

However, the employer does not have the time to read every word on your CV. They’ll merely spend a minute –or less, scanning through, and then decide to call you for an interview or not.

Making the right impression, then, becomes key to having a professional CV.

I consulted Ms. Brenda, a CV professional writer here at corporate staffing services, on how you can make a strong introduction on your CV.

“One area that most employers read is the profile summary. This is the area where you give an overview of the CV. If you have a powerful profile summary, the employer will be interested in reading the rest of your CV. If the summary is generic, the employer goes on to the next CV.” Ms. Brenda.

Ms. Brenda is right, if you don’t capture the employer with your profile summary, there’s little chance they’ll continue reading your CV.

Unfortunately, most professionals pay little attention to this area.

How strong is your profile summary?

Will it lead the employer to continue reading your CV?

Here are three effective tips to have a professional profile summary on your CV.

1. Give a professional introduction

You first want to notify the employer who you are professionally and your level of experience.

Employers get a lot of applications from professionals who do not fit what they are looking for. Once the employer doesn’t see your direct relation to the position mentioned, they move on to the next CV.

Here’s an example of a professional introduction;

“I am a proficient and keen to detail Finance and Accounting Professional with experience in navigating through challenges enthusiastically. Some of the skills I have acquired through experience include; accounting, finance, credit control, and administration.”

Within a few words, you already know what profession the applicant is in, and which areas they have experience in.

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