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Mention CPA anywhere in Kenya, and I  assure you that you are bound to find thousands of people either pursuing it or have recently graduated.  What does this mean? It’s a competitive market and you need to have an ace up your sleeve that will help you stand out from the crowd.

If you find yourself in the cluster of CPA graduates still searching for jobs but with no luck,  then it’s time to change the way you have been approaching things.

How? It’s simple, you need to be equipped with practical accounting skills. Why? Employers  are keen on professionals who can perform various accounting functions. Sadly, even with your CPA certification it still won’t be enough to secure the job opportunities you yearn for.

Don’t worry, this narrative can be changed.  Join our Practical Account Training and Mentorship Program and see how!

Still not convinced? Let me shed more light.

Why your CPA Certification isn’t  enough to secure a job?

  1. Without experience your chances of getting a job or advancing to the next level are slim.
  2. Employers are looking for professionals who can perform various accounting functions.
  3. You might be a graduate, a CPA(K), CPS etc but without practical accounting skills, you will keep missing out on great job opportunities.
  4. Our weekly Practical Accounting Training and Mentorship Class will help you hone hands-on accounting skills that will make you competent in all these areas.

What should I do now?

Enroll now for the next class that begins on Monday, 16th September  to  Friday 2oth September. 

The best part is, you will have something to show for after completing the training.  You will receive  an accredited certificate (certified by Nita) that you can showcase at your job interviews or your workplace to land a promotion.

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