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Alex was a team leader at a real estate firm. His duties were simple – ensure the team generates quality leads and ultimately grow the business revenue. During the first three months, his team was always at the top securing deals that were unheard of. Their performance started dwindling and within no time, the team was at the bottom. Alex could not understand why targets were not being achieved and leads not generated. Did the team lack motivation?

You may have experienced this before. You have a team that has been performing well and then suddenly, they are not meeting their targets and the organization starts losing revenue.

The good news is all is not lost.

How then do you improve your struggling team?

1. Identify the source of the problem

Real Estate agents have the most to do when it comes to engaging a customer. In the country today, agents are at the top of the list when it comes to jobs with the highest turnover rate. However, you do not have to join the list.

By analysing every individual in your team, and scouting for weaknesses, you can point out the problem. Pick out the weakest link, and dig deep into their issues. Ask the tough question of why?

2. Encourage one-on-one interactions

Do you ever find yourself admonishing your entire team for a mistake done by one team member? Or have you ever called everyone to a meeting, but the message you intend is meant for a select few? Doing so may do more harm than good to your team.

Instead, consider meeting up with team members individually and seeking out their problems. By doing so, you will be able to point out every person’s weaknesses and form a strategy on how to address them.

3. Lead by Example

To motivate your team into meeting their targets, you must be willing to prove to them that what you are asking is possible. Why do you ask? If a real estate agent does not believe what you are asking is doable, they will consider your targets unreasonable.

But if you can prove to them by doing it yourself, then they will feel motivated to follow in your footsteps and maybe even, supersede you.

4. Offer training that is specific to individuals

Every person differs in character and behaviour. They also differ in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it is important to identify the areas each person on your team is struggling with, and address them separately.

Put those people who have similar weaknesses in one place and provide training that is specific to them. This will ensure that your team feels confident in their daily tasks and will then be motivated to perform.

You can always choose to outsource that function to firms that offer specialised training as a service.

In Conclusion,

A struggling team is only a problem when there is no long-term solution. Consider training options and mentorships programs that can motivate your team.

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