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“I am grateful for the digital marketing course.”

This was Rosemary, a business owner, speaking as she graduated from the Digital Marketing Training.

The training objective was to enable individuals to master how to market, acquire and retain customers online.

This training saw students, business owners and digital marketing professionals join to sharpen their skills in a practical way. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they were united by one common factor; they were seeking to grow in their careers by developing practical skills they can apply in their everyday roles.

After their graduation, I had a chance to engage with a few of the professionals to better understand how the training was, and how it had impacted them.

Here is what they had to say;

Thanks for the training sessions. It’s been two weeks since I attended the training and I have already started to see positive results. With a budget of K’sh 3,600 that i used on Google Ads, I have been able to get business worth K’sh 782,000 for my furniture business. I got two orders for office chairs from a customer who was searching for office seats online. Advertising online works. I am grateful for the digital marketing course. Rosemary – Furniture Shop Owner

I have been in IT in the last seven years. While browsing online, I come across the digital marketing course. When I enrolled, I wanted a short practical course to undertake after work. Within a month after enrolling, our marketing manager left, and the company when looking for a replacement wanted a person who was conversant with digital marketing. I applied for the position, as whatever they wanted I had been trained at Corporate Staffing. I am happy to report that my employer picked me for the job. I have now added responsibilities, and my salary was reviewed by 30% to reflect the new responsibilities. With the practical skills, and certificate, I was able to convince my employer that I could manage digital marketing for the company. I am happy that a one week course has had a positive effect on my career and I am now earning more. Josphat – IT Professional, Transport & Logistics Firm

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