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“If I had to sum up the training in just one word, I’d say it was ‘exceptional!’”

This was June speaking as she graduated from the five-day Practical HR Training.

The training objective was to equip HR professionals with effective and practical skills they need to succeed in their careers.

This training saw HR professionals from different industries. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they were united by one common factor; they were seeking to grow in their careers by developing practical skills they can apply in their everyday roles.

After graduating, I had a chance to engage with a few of the professionals to better understand how the training was, and how it had impacted them.

Here is what they had to say;

“I have been working for four years as a HR associate for an international NGO. We are about to open up two branches in North Eastern [province]. The organization was keen to develop our skills so we can take up the new positions.

Through this training, I have learned how to set up HR structures and policies. This will be helpful in the management of the new branches.

I am looking forward to the recruitment process, as I have been equipped with everything I need to know before recruiting.

Already, the Executive HR officer has asked me to sit in an upcoming recruitment exercise.

Thanks to the practical training, I will be able to grow and succeed in this new and exciting role at the new branch.” Mercy – HR Associate, NGO.

When I was asked to carry out performance management for some of the employees, I was afraid that most of them would end up leaving -as is the trend. Moreover, performance management has always been a complex subject to me.

Through the five day training, I learned how to set up a simple yet impactful performance management system.

I am now prepared to not only effect the performance management system but also to help the employees better their performance and productivity.” Joan –HRO, FMCG.

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