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For every college graduate, leaving the campus gates with the degree in your hands gives you enthusiasm for the career you want to build.

But what happens when you start looking for employment and things don’t go as planned?

Reality is, even with that Accounting degree, securing that that dream job is not a walk in the park.

Let me tell you why;

1.  The accounting industry is flooded

Mention CPA anywhere in Kenya, and I  assure you that you are bound to find thousands of people either pursuing it or have recently graduated. What does this mean?  Competition for accounting Jobs has become fierce, making it the most sought after job in the country. Even with your degree, how do you ensure that your CV  stands out from the sea of applicants fighting for the same job opportunities as you?

2. Your accounting degree does not make you an expert

The degree has just kickstarted your journey into the Accounting Industry. To employers, the degree puts you at an entry level, not at the level of an expert who has worked in the industry for long. Even with all the knowledge and understanding of the accounting basics, you are still an amateur in their eyes.

3.  It does not show experience

Having all the necessary academic credentials, does not always guarantee you the job. Employers nowadays want professionals who can handle the job and that goes beyond your degree.  What are they looking for? Experience & Skills!

Experience demonstrates that you are well prepared for the realities that accompany day-to-day office tasks.

4. Your Accounting degree does not equip you with practical industry skills

There is a huge disconnect between what we study in school and what the job market actually wants. The theoretical knowledge is not enough to help you do the job, you need practical skills that employers look for when finding suitable candidates.

However, all is not lost. There are various steps you can take to ensure that you gain enough practical knowledge, you could; engage in volunteer work, serve as an intern for a company or enrol yourself for a graduate trainee program.


If you want to position yourself as an expert in the accounting industry, then you need to have the necessary practical knowledge that employers are looking for.

Enroll for our enroll for our certified Practical Accounting Training and Mentorship Program offered weekly that will provide you with hands-on knowledge on popular accounting softwares, give you a better understanding of theoretical knowledge and ensure that your CV will not be be overlooked by potential employers.