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Going through submitted CVs for any job position you have advertised can be time-consuming – and frankly, most people would rather not do it. For you to conduct fair recruitment however, you have to go through most of the applications submitted. It also gives you a chance to shortlist talented candidates and get a chance to ultimately hire a good candidate.

Here is how to make the process easier and faster:

1. Make Use of Keywords

Many HR recruitment software has keyword systems that scan through submitted applications and give you those that closely fits what you are looking for. If you properly use keywords, the system is likely to pick out the most suitable CVs for you and greatly reduce the number that you have to manually read through.

2. Determine Which Skills and Qualifications are the Bare Minimum

Once you have the skills and qualifications set out, you can read through all applications and discard those that do not meet the qualifications. This way, you will be able to ultimately make the process easier and faster.

3. Make Use of Professional Recruiters

Many times, you may not have the time to go through the CVs looking for the minimum skills and qualifications. You can make use of professional recruitment services such as those offered by Corporate Staffing Services, and let them do your work. Professional recruiters are equipped with the skills needed to help you get the right people within a short period.

4. Make Use of Job Boards and Recruitment Services

As an employer, you can place your advertisement with a recruitment service who can sift through CVs and give you the most relevant.

5. Read Through the Candidate’s Achievements

Look at what a person has done in previous positions and how these achievements can be of use to your company. It is an important thing to help you do your CV screening faster. As you want a candidate with solid achievements, you can quickly look through CVs and simply skip those which show no promise. The achievements of a candidate are a clear indication of what skills the person will bring on board and you can quickly match these skills to the ideal candidate you are looking for.

In Conclusion,

CV screening is not any recruiter’s most enjoyable activity. However, it is a necessary activity and you need to learn how to do it as fast as possible and get the best candidate possible. Use these simple tips to make your work easier and more efficient.