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By Audrey Korir

Have you been applying for jobs and getting nothing but rejection?

Well the answer could be simple; you might not be tailoring your CV to match the jobs you are applying for.

Think of it this way, if the employer is looking to hire a Content Writer then they will look for someone who writes.

What should this tell you? If you want your CV to go through the screening process successfully, then you need to make sure that your CV catches the employer’s eye.

Here are some 5 tips to give you better guidance on how you can tailor your CV to the job description:

1. Read the job description carefully

Don’t just skim through and send your CV without double-checking the skills and ensuring that your CV matches what they are looking for.

Read the job description from beginning to end, thoroughly. And then read it again. And probably a third time too. Make sure you fully understand what the employer is looking for and what the role requires.

2. Pick out keywords and phrases

Highlight keywords and specific skills listed in the job description and incorporate them in your CV.

For example, if the job description asks for “excellent writing skills” and “can work under strict deadlines” then that should come out clearly in your CV.

Rebecca Nyawira, a CV Writing Expert from Corporate Staffing says that a lot of employers look out for these keywords and phrases to hasten the screening process.

“Your CV is a professional document that should market you. Therefore, you should organize it in a way that a recruiter can quickly pinpoint aspects of you as a professional that make you suitable for the job description”, she adds.

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3. Research the company

Many jobseekers make the mistake of not researching the company as well when applying for jobs.  See if you can find out anything about the company’s values and culture, and include any information which shows you fit in.

This might include having a blog or being a member of a professional body.

4. Portray your most relevant experience first

You might not meet every single requirement mentioned in the job description, but that does not necessarily mean that you won’t get called for the interview.

Tailoring your CV is about making your skills and experience work to your advantage, so always make the relevant parts visible.

For example, you might be applying for a managerial position yet you were only a supervisor. Even though the two roles may vary, you can explain through your history how you had the same leadership duties and essentially managed a team.

5. Make use of a Cover Letter

Your Cover Letter plays a huge role in your application so it is crucial to spend time creating a tailored letter to accompany your CV.  It allows you to talk about anything you couldn’t fit in your CV as well as highlight skills or qualifications that you think are essential in the particular position.

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