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Whatever your reasons are, you have decided that it’s time to take that bold step and venture into a new career.

Something with more opportunities, better payment, more advancements and above all one that fulfills and drives your passion.

Accounting might be the right career choice that you are seeking.

Let me give you 4 reasons why;

1. There are a lot of accounting jobs

If you look through the major job boards in Kenya you are sure to find multiple accounting jobs being advertised. This  alone should tell you that it is a lucrative profession.

Every organisation, government agencies, non-profit organisations, small businesses to large corporations needs accountants.

Saturated or not , unemployment rates in the accounting industry aren’t as high if you compare it to other professions.

2. The pay is great

Along with high demand and competitiveness, comes great compensations and benefits. Accounting is one of the top well paying jobs we have in the country.

In most companies such as Banks and Investment firms, the starting salary for their CPA holders is 30-40K.

30-40K is a relatively big range, and it is all dependent on some factors that may include your level of Education and the work experience you have alongside your CPA.

3.  You can specialise in different areas

One of the best way to describe accountants is that they are skilled and knowledgeable.  This is because the accounting industry provides you with a variety of specialisation areas to help you choose your own career path.

It could be auditing, taxing or even consultancy. With the right skills and knowledge you are even able to advance in your career.

You can move from being just an accountant to becoming a Chief Financial Officer for a large corporation.

Venturing into accounting also opens doors for you. You could get finance job opportunities or help in business analytics and so much more.

4. It is a fulfilling career

Many accountants find fulfilling careers doing auditing, tax or consulting work for public accounting firms, jobs that require plenty of teamwork and often bring opportunities for travel.

And accountants with an entrepreneurial knack often find success starting their own firms or working at a startup.

Next Step: Getting the right skills!!

What does it take to switch to accounting? The right kind of education, ofcourse.

You probably don’t have one, but that’s okay!

By taking a practical training and career mentorship programme, you can kickstart your new career in accounting!

Sounds easier right?


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