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Mention accounting anywhere in Kenya, and  I  assure you that you are bound to find thousands of people working as professionals in the industry, are pursuing it as a course or are recent graduates.

What should this tell you?

It is a saturated job market which makes it highly competitive. You need to have an ace up your sleeve that will help you stand out from the numerous applications piling up on the employer’s desk.

Most employers are looking for professionals who not only have academic qualifications but also have the practical skills to effectively perform tasks assigned.

Here are some few pointers to help you understand what employers look for in accounting professionals:

1. Education & Certification

It may sound like a cliche because why are you not getting jobs?

However you want to go about it, you must understand that it is a requirement for you to have studied a course closely related to accounting. Furthermore, you need to be licensed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Kenya.

The education you get while in school will largely impact your skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Sometimes, we will receive an application from a job seeker. They may be looking for a job in the accounting field, yet they do not have the relevant education qualification and certification.

As a general rule, you should always apply for jobs you’re passionate about, and you qualify to at least 80% of the requisite qualifications.

2. Proficiency with accounting softwares

Technological advancements are inevitable in this digital era.  Most employers have turned to using online accounting softwares such as QuickBooks, Sage Pastel, or Microsoft Navision.

So if you want to survive this technological wave, you need to ensure that you are well versed with these softwares otherwise the employer will overlook your application.

If you are looking to learn, you can start with QuickBooks which is one of the most used accounting software today. Enroll in our practical accounting class to learn how to use QuickBooks.

3. Practical Accounting Skills

Employers are keen on hiring professionals who can perform various accounting functions.

Accounting is a highly practical profession. Before an employer can decide if they should consider your application or not, they will first look at your ability to practically execute skill such as:

  • Using QuickBooks
  • Preparing year end statutory accounts
  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Filing corporation tax return
  • Preparing a set of management accounts

How well can you execute these tasks that could potentially make or break your chances of getting an accounting job?

To learn these and more useful skills in the accounting field, enroll for the Practical Accounting Training starting on 28th October

Have a query? Reach Jane the Training Coordinator ,  on 0718-610023.