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By Perminus Wainaina

“I need to schedule a session with you as soon as possible. I’ve quit my job.”

This was what read in part when I received Jonathan’s email recently. Unlike many others that I receive in my inbox in regards to career coaching, his almost sounded like a desperate cry for help.

“I have been gradually warming up for my next assignment elsewhere and I thought I had more time but the work environment took a turn for the worst and I felt frustrated. I had to make this sudden decision to exit” Jonathan explained.

Quitting your job is always a scary thing. But here are times when quitting with no backup plan is the right thing to do for your career.

When you can afford to quit your job

1. If the stress of staying is greater than the anxiety of leaving

Quitting without a backup plan is not for everyone. For some people, the fear of the unknown is too difficult to navigate and paralyzing, while there are some people who are adventurous and get bored easily in routine repetition.

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