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What do people look for in a job?

Some want stability and growth, lucrative salaries while others want a career that gives them a chance to develop their skills.

Whatever your reason is, project management is the one job industry that provides all of these exciting benefits.

If you are in project management already and needed to be reminded why you have the best career then read on or better yet if you are looking to make a career switch and are wondering what your next step is then definitely read on!

Let us look at some great reasons why project management is a top career choice;

1. Well Paying Career

Project management positions offer high salaries that are lucrative. Most Kenyan Project Managers earn an average of Ksh. 200,000 per month.

This competitive salary is often supplemented with good benefits package that is usually inclusive of private health cover, pension contribution, a generous holiday allowance, staff bonus and/or a company car.

2. It is an impactful career

More people are looking to have a career that is meaningful and worthwhile to ensure that they can contribute something to a company or industry. You can work with diverse team members and feel challenged by problems that need to solved with a job that won’t leave you bored.

As a project manager, you’ll feel rewarded when you meet the budget, keep the schedule on track, and collaborate with your colleagues to ensure that the office runs efficiently.

Project managers are known to help the company save money and improve efficiency to improve the organization a whole.

3. It is flexible

Project managers can enjoy having an exciting career by changing industries if they want to continue learning. Some of the top industries to work in for the position include procurement,  ICT , construction, manufacturing, finance and insurance, business services and healthcare.

4. Gives you a chance to develop your skills

You can improve your confidence and become more well-rounded as an individual by strengthening skills that you already attain. Working as a project manager will require that you adapt quickly to change and can remain adaptable in the workplace.

Project managers develop critical success factors, manage conflict, and increase their stakeholder management and engagement abilities. The skills that you attain will make you invaluable to the company and can make you more of an asset by attending a Practical Project Management Training.

Are you looking to make a career change?

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