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By Audrey Korir

Tell me if this speaks to you…

You have successfully made it through the employer’s screening list of countless potential candidates and landed a face to face or phone interview but, unfortunately, you never seem to get called back for a second interview .

This typically indicates that your CV is strong but your interviewing skills are not.  If this is the case then let me introduce you to something that might set you on a different path; Mock Interviews.

What are mock interviews?

These are practice interviews, where a professional interview coach asks you different questions mimicking a real interview.  Its main purpose is to emulate what a real interview feels like to give you that experience and exposure you need in readiness for the actual interview.

According to Ms. Lucy Karwigi, an interview coaching expert from Corporate Staffing Services, 90% of the questions tackled in the mock interview session get asked in the real job interview.

“I have coached individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and noted that 4 out of 5 candidates who went through the mock interview sessions,  land jobs after the first interview while the rest proceed to the second round of interviews”, she adds.

Let us look at some exciting benefits that you stand to gain;

1. Gives You Confidence

Do you want to be that guy that walks into the interview room all sweaty and shaky? Do you still want to be that guy who fumbles with their answers during the interview?

I hope not.

Mock Interviews give you the confidence to answer even the most random questions.  You will be relaxed and have a clear headspace to think through everything you say.

The practice questions also help give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect during the real interview.

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2. Familiarize with the interview process

How many times have you gone to an interview knowing you had it all, only for it to be a complete disaster?

Mock interviews will provide you with an opportunity to be prepared for different interview structures, one person to panel interviews.

You will be guided on how to go about answering interview questions from a recruiter’s perspective. You will know what every question is looking to find out and exactly how to answer each. How often do you get an interview ‘cheat code’?

3. Impressing the interviewer

How do you “wow” the interviewer without bringing a box of chocolates or a card?

It’s simple, you need to know how to communicate, articulate yourself in a professional way, knowing when to stop and when to add more.

4. Get an assessment of why you failed a previous interview

After every interview, you are always waiting for feedback which never comes up. We all deserve an answer as to how we performed and use that to improve your next interview opportunity.

The mock interview will allow you to assess your body language, your way of answering questions and how that position fits you. These will ensure that you get an opportunity to receive feedback and use that to improve yourself through constructive feedback in a less pressured environment.

Consider this, what is a great CV and an impeccable suit if you can’t interview well? Landing the interview is not the finish line! Run through mock interviews for every interview you have to increase your chances of getting that dream job.

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