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Are your accounting skills up to date?

Do you want to take your accounting career to the next level?

If the roles were switched, as an employer would you hire someone with your qualifications?

Truth is, theory only helps you grasp different accounting concepts but it is only through practical accounting skills that you will be able to take your career to the next level and place yourself in the job market as an employable candidate.

The best way to way to master the fundamentals of accounting and demonstrating your dedication in the accounting field is by taking the Practical Account Training and Career Mentorship Program.

Are you a qualified CPA or Business professional who lacks accounting work experience?

Do you know how to file VAT, P.AY.E, N.S.S.F, N.H.I.F, withholding tax and other taxes?

Do you understand how to work with QuickBooks?

Do you find Payroll processing and management overwhelming?

If you face any of the above challenges, our Practical Accounting Training and Mentorship Class will help you hone hands-on accounting skills that will make you competent in all these areas.

The Practical Accounting Class begins next week on Monday, 2nd December to 6th December from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

How will the training benefit you?

  • How to use the latest version of Quickbooks
  • Online Payroll processing. How to file payroll statutory deductions including P.A.Y.E, N.H.I.F, and N.S.S.F
  • I-Tax V.A.T returns. How to prepare V.A.T and Withholding tax returns (W/tax)
  • How to accurately prepare year-end statutory accounts
  • Filing of the corporation tax return
  • How to prepare a set of management accounts
  • How to write a CV that is attractive to employers
  • How to answer general interview questions and those specific to accounting

After completion of the training, you will receive an accredited certificate (certified by NITA) that you can showcase at your job interviews or your workplace to land a promotion.

What are you waiting for? Register for the training now.

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