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By Pascal Sala

Anyone who has been job-hunting for a while will tell you that being invited to a job interview is not something easy. Becoming one of the few shortlisted candidates is a major victory. Unfortunately, many blow their interview opportunities, making their efforts worthless.

Don’t be one of those candidates. Never assume that the job offer is ‘in the bag’ simply because you were invited for an interview. Here are some common interview mistakes people make.

1. Sharing too much information

Some people have a whole truth mindset while answering job interview questions. They tend to share too much unnecessary information. You might think that it is a good idea but it’s boring. This does not mean that you should tell lies.

The interviewer is only interested in a glimpse of what you can do, so answer the question asked and then stop talking.

2. Not asking Questions

Most interviewers normally give candidates a chance to ask questions at the end. It’s a bit of a test, they want to see how interested you are.

Your questions should show that you care enough about the job and that you want to know more. Having no questions sends a bad signal that you don’t care, aren’t curious, or haven’t done your homework.

You should also be keen on the kind of questions you ask. Wrong questions can be as deadly as no questions. Avoid questions that portray you as a person who is just interested in specific personal benefits rather than the job.

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3. Focusing too much on yourself

Talking endlessly about what you want, how this job is the direction you want to go in your career, and how the experience would be great for you is meaningless to an interviewer.

Remember they don’t hire to help you out but for your skills, that will help them achieve their goals. Your answers should, therefore, illustrate how you can be of service to the company.

4. Negative body language

Some of the things you say in an interview are interpreted through body language. Your body can be telling the interviewer a completely different story so it’s important to take control of your body language.

Things like lack of eye contact, slowness to respond to questions, and a general lack of enthusiasm for the company or role can make it difficult to persuade an interviewer to give you a job.

5. Cracking jokes

Unless you are interviewing for a job as a comedian or host/hostess in a social club, don’t try to be entertaining or amusing by trying to crack jokes.

Don’t try to make the interviewer laugh if it isn’t a requirement. Take the interview seriously.

In Conclusion

Everyone at one point made these mistakes, but it shouldn’t mean the end of your job search. Try your best to avoid these errors, and you will not have difficulty in your job search.

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