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As a job seeker, you know you want the job in that company, but the question is, how do you show it to the interviewer without making yourself look desperate?

Making an interviewer think that you are desperate will give an assumption that you may be desperate for any job – which is the exact opposite of the message you want to send.

However, you can still show the interviewer that you’d be an added value to the team if he or she were to make you an offer without getting on the floor and begging. Here are some tips that can be very effective.

1. Do thorough research

Before you enter any interview room, do your homework. Take some time to research on the company by visiting their website, read any press releases, and study their social media channels.

Through proper research, you will be able to get real ideas and the culture of the company or organization, so that you can then reflect that knowledge during the interview.

In doing so, you are demonstrating to the interviewer that you are interested in the role and the company.

2. Ask questions

Interviews provide you with a great opportunity to learn more about the role and the company by asking questions. Asking questions will show that you want the job on many levels.

Having good questions ready will give the impression that you want the job enough to think ahead and prepare and will demonstrate your curiosity to learn more about the role, the interviewer and the business as a whole, therefore, demonstrating your attentiveness throughout the interview.

3. Make good use of non-verbal communication

There is a power in non-verbal communication in an interview. A smile, eye contact, a good handshake and control of your hands while speaking all contribute to transmitting your enthusiasm to add value in the company and the reason why you want that job.

Demonstrating your passion through non-verbal communication will certainly give you a competitive edge over the other candidates hence the best possible chance of starting work in your dream job.

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4. Have a final pitch

Before you leave the interview room, you should think of giving a one or two-minute "pitch" which wraps up why you’re interested in the role specifically.

It is your last chance to make an impression, so be clear and precise. This may well be how the interview panel remembers you so make it good.

5. Say ‘Thank You’ at the end

It may seem simple but it means a big deal to the interviewer. Saying thank you is the last basic manners you should think about at the end of an interview.

You can do it instantly after the interview or you can follow the interview up with a thank you email that emphasizes your keenness for the role and company. Keep it short, sweet and straight to the point.

In Summary,

It is a good thing when you’re interviewing for a role you’re feeling good about. It, therefore, makes total sense that you want the hiring manager to know how excited you are. However, you should be smart enough to give the right impression and don’t make the interviewer think that you are desperate.

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