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By Audrey Korir

As 2019 comes to a close, what are your end year goals in regards to your career?  Is it time to make a career switch? Have you finally decided to find a new job?

You need to ensure that you have made the right career decisions come 2020, to steer it in the right path.

Finding the right job all starts with your CV.  Your CV should market you.

On average it takes a minute for employers to scan through your CV. Partially, because of the numerous applications that are received on any single job opportunity.

Your CV, therefore, needs to stand apart from the competition.

Here is a list of CV writing mistakes you should avoid in 2020;

Mistake 1: Spelling and grammatical errors

This is one of the worst CV crimes you could ever commit. It is extremely unprofessional.  If an employer is looking for someone who is keen or pays attention to detail, do you think they would consider you?

Take some time once you feel you’ve finished your professional CV to read over it carefully. Try reading it to yourself aloud, or getting someone else to proofread it for you, an extra set of eyes may point out something you may have missed.

Mistake 2: Writing a generic CV

A great CV attracts attention for the right job.  Using the same CV to apply for different opportunities is a mistake you should stop making.  Take time to tailor your CV to suit every application you make.

An employer has a clearly defined set of needs and requirements for every job vacancy. Your CV needs to show why you are the right person for that specific role.

Mistake 3: Poor CV Structure & Format

If you want to bring out your skills and experience effectively, you need to make sure that your CV format is easy to navigate and read.

Ms. Brenda Mielizu, a CV Writing Expert from Corporate Staffing Services sheds more light on this fact.

“Keep it simple; don’t use overzealous font styles, no empty spaces or very long pages. It should be organized in a way that a recruiter can quickly pinpoint aspects of you as a professional that makes you suitable for the job description”, she adds.

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Mistake 4: Lying

If you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications required in the job description, don’t compensate it by lying.

It is embarrassing! Remember, your employer is sure to do a background check before they consider you for the position.

What does it say about you, if the employer contacts a previous employer you had listed in your CV only to find out that you never worked there?

No one wants to hire a dishonest employee.

Mistake 5: Using an unprofessional email address

Using an email like is not an appropriate email to use when applying for jobs.

It gives the employer the impression that you are not a serious candidate.  Create an official email address that you use to apply for jobs and one that you put in your CV.

Mistake 6: Adding unnecessary information

This includes; marital status, religious preference, age, and even place of birth. Most times these details are never relevant for the jobs you are applying for. They may form a basis for discrimination.

Unless the job description lists any of them as a requirement don’t include any of the above.

Hopefully, you may have gained perspective on some of the mistakes that are sabotaging your job search.

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