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Have you just seen the job of your dreams and need to apply for it? Great! But before you can actually hit send on your application, you need to ensure your CV has the desired effect. Even if you’re rightly qualified for a position, you could get passed over when the employer is shortlisting.

When employers and hiring managers are going through applications, they are looking to find a high impact CV that will lead them to the right candidates.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself before you send your CV;

Does it have a professional appeal?

Your CV is the first point of contact the recruiter has with you. It is important to ensure your CV is professional upon first glance. This means ensuring there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, no typos, and essentially get rid of anything that could paint you as a negative applicant.

Is it easy to read?

Recruiters do not read every word on your CV –at least not through the shortlisting process. When writing your CV, you should clearly segment the different areas of the CV and use bold heading and bullet points to highlight your strong points.

Does it match the job application?

When applying for many jobs, you might get tempted to make your CV as general as possible. However, this will lower your chances of getting an interview as recruiters can easily notice a generic article. While drafting your CV, ensure you tailor it to the job you’re applying for.

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