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1. Practical Accounting, QuickBooks Training & Career Mentorship Program 

Have you been applying for accounting jobs and not getting interviews?

Are you a qualified CPA or Bcom professional but lack accounting work experience?

Do you know how to file VAT, P.AY.E, N.S.S.F, N.H.I.F, withholding tax and other taxes?

Do you work in an accounting department but you are not exposed in all accounting areas?

Advance in your career by registering for the class today!

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2. Speak With Confidence Training Program 

Do you become nervous at the thought of you speaking in front of a group?

Do you always have great ideas that you’d love to share in meetings but fear and nervousness hold you back?

Do you strongly desire to speak with confidence whether in office meetings, business presentations or networking events so that you can sell, convince or persuade your audience?

Then this is for you!

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3. Customer Service Certification Training Program

Are you looking for a practical short course that can help you get a customer job quickly?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Customer service and admin jobs are one of the most readily available jobs for graduates.

Do you work in admin or customer service but don’t have a certificate for the training.

You can now grow your career when you have a certificate in customer service management.

Join the class today!

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4. Advanced Excel Training

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck through Excel because you don’t have the right skills?

Are you constantly frustrated at the time consuming and exhaustive Excel problems you can’t seem to solve?

Do you spend most of your time trying to understand how to use formulas and features you know Excel is capable of using?

Stand out in your career by registering for the class!

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5. Master Project Management 

Do you desire to work in a project management environment i.e work for an NGO or any other profession that requires project management skills, including construction, interior design, engineering, project accountant, etc?

Are you a business owner looking to learn, and perfect your project management skills for better efficiency and to ensure things run smoothly and within cost and budget?

Enrol for the class and advance your skills!

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