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By Pascal Sala

If you think you kissed bullying goodbye when you graduated from school, you’re wrong. It will surprise you to discover that you’ll likely face bullies in the workplace as well. You can’t get away from them.

You will always find that person that makes your life at work miserable. They will always want to intimidate, put you down for any possible reason and at times talk over you at meetings, criticize you, or even go as far as taking credit for your work.

However, you can handle bullies in an adult manner that will put them in their place without your having to be rude because rudeness does not equal strength. So how do you handle bullies? Here are some ways to deal with bully coworker:

1. Set emotional distance

Don’t take it personal, because bullying is more about the bully than it is about you. Often, a bully is acting from a place of insecurity and/or from a need to control. Practice to have healthy emotional boundaries that keep you from reacting or feeling bad about yourself when workplace bullying occurs.

2. Be bold

The best way to deal with bulling is to be assertive. Speak in an authoritative tone. This shows potential bullies that you are comfortable with your job skills, and you aren’t what they perceive as a weak person they can target. They will think twice before messing with you.

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3. Stand Firm

Stand your ground when a bully tries to mess with you. If they humiliate you in front of others, turn the situation back toward him with an honest defense. Don’t be silent, or else the bully will perceive you as weak. Some bullies simply enjoy hearing themselves talk when there is a large audience so never give them the chance to humiliate you in public.

4. Be an Exemplary Employee

You should first check yourself to know if it is because of your mistakes that you get bullied. Bullies often capitalize on these mistakes so don’t give them a reason to go after you.

The bully will think twice to target you if you’re known for doing a good job, because they don't want to be embarrassed later. Exemplary work will lift you to a different level from the bully.

5. Don’t be Afraid to speak up

Many individuals are afraid to speak up when they are being bullied more so if the bully outranks them. They’re much concerned about what others will think than the impact on their performance. Speak about it to the HR or your most trusted coworker.

In conclusion,

Don’t allow the bully to get the best of you. Do your best at all times to separate yourself from the person. Remember that the bully’s main goal is to intimidate you and put you in a bad position, so avoid falling into a trap.

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