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By Audrey Korir

Have you been led to believe that the festive period in December is not the right time for job hunting?

There are countless articles online suggesting you avoid the end of the year period for applying for jobs, attributing it to people going on leave for the holiday, most companies focusing on filing end year reports and end year strategies or general activity in most workplaces slowing down.

Believe it or not, December is an excellent time to update your CV and kick-off your job search. Employers are still looking to fill up vacancies to get new people in place for 2020.

Getting the perfect job narrows done to your CV, update it now rather than putting it off till January.

Let’s start;

1. Create A Tailored CV

When applying for a new job, be sure to edit, and tailor your CV to suit the role.

This means re-organising the structure of your work experience, putting the most relevant jobs and skills at the top of your list and changing your personal and professional summary to suit the job you’re applying for.
Employers will instantly know if you are using a generic CV and will quickly toss it into the rejection pile.

2. Personal Profile

Reviewing and then rewriting a new personal profile is something that needs consideration when updating your CV. A personal profile is a very effective introduction to your experience and skill set, helping the employer to see at a glance, what you can bring to the company and where your strengths are from the beginning.

Keenly read the job description for the position you are applying for. Then, write your profile so that it focuses on where your skill set needs to be for the application.

3. Employment history

It is crucial to list recent work experiences that are relevant to your current job application.  If it is not relevant, remove it.

The key is to review, assess, then tailor to each application so that your CV matches the skill set required and you go into the correct amount of detail.

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4. Key Skills

A good CV will generally have a section that will focus on your key skills.

Look to your recent employment history and the skills you have gained, and then amend this section again to focus on the application at hand.

For example, if you are applying for a job that will require you to actively engage with clients, highlight your skill set that demonstrates your customer service skills and how you have shown it in your work experience.

5. Shorten your lengthy CV

Nowadays, one single job that is advertised can receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications that employers will have to sort through.

If your CV is too long, they will tend to pay less attention to it and also miss important information you’ve included that could cost you the job.

6. Check your CV and Check It again

So, you’ve read the application. Tailored and updated your CV and applied all the great tips above.  You are ready to send your CV. Pause! Before you do that, check to make sure it’s free from little errors, such as spelling mistakes and typos that could cost you the job.

In Summary

Don’t slack, take advantage of this December holiday to get ahead of the competition.  How exciting would it be to start the New Year with a new job?

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