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Does that the thought of speaking before a crowd or group of people make you shudder?

Speaking in public is not an easy task but with the right skills fear and nervousness will never hold you back.

Think of the times in your professional life that you were asked to give a speech at a work event or asked to contribute during an office meeting but struggled to deliver your message.

Nevertheless, communication skills can be learnt and you can perfect them today!

How? By signing up for this public speaking training that will help you grow and speak with more confidence.

How will I benefit from the public speaking class?

  1. You’ll be able to structure your presentations in an effective manner
  2. You’ll be able to overcome fear, anxiety, and nervousness while presenting
  3. You’ll learn how to handle impromptu speeches
  4. You’ll be able to organize your content to have the intended impact
  5. You’ll learn how to use presentation aids –including PowerPoint
  6. You’ll learn how to persuade people
  7. You’ll learn how to captivate your audience and grab their attention
  8. You’ll overcome the fear of being judged

There are multiple gains that you will learn when you join the class.

Why should I join the public speaking class?

Here are some of four reasons why public speaking will help you in the workplace and in life in general.

  1. You’ll gain the confidence to speak with others
  2. You’ll be open to more opportunities that grow your career
  3. You’ll have the ability to push your agenda
  4. You’ll be able to easily persuade people during meetings, interviews, presentations, and other avenues.

Ready to learn and perfect your communication skills?

Book your slot here for the next class starting on the 16th November

Call the training coordinator, Ann Muturu now on 0768 669 030 or email her at, and also copy

Hope to see you in class!!