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The business world is on a constant change. What is appealing today will be forgotten tomorrow. The job market changes instantly – skills that were relevant a few years ago are now a second priority.

If you go back twenty years, for example, employers used to lay focus on hard technical skills. If you had these hard skills, you would qualify for a job in your industry. Today, however, the tables have turned. While hard skills will still get you the job, it is your use of soft skills that will help you retain the job – and even get promoted to the next level.

There are other details you might have included in your CV, that were important in the past but have lost importance in today’s job market.

How then do you ensure that the skills you include in your CV are relevant to the current job market?

When writing your CV, think of it like a movie trailer – something that brings out the best parts of the movie and makes one want to see the whole movie.

You want to provide information that brings out your value and persuades the one reading your CV to want to learn more about you. Therefore, highlight the best parts and most notable achievements, so that potential employers can see the full picture of what you have to offer.

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