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By Audrey Korir

Did you know that the average time an employer spends looking at your CV is just one minute?

Sounds scary? Many job seekers tend to forget that employers have a trained eye and know what they are looking for.

A fact that Ms. Rebecca Nyawira, a CV Writing Expert from Corporate Staffing Services sheds more light on.

“Your CV should market you in a way that the employer can quickly pinpoint aspects of you that make you the right candidate for the job.  Think of the numerous applications they have to sift through, yours should stand out”, she adds.

If you are sitting there reading through this article probably wondering; “One minute is just a glance, will they notice enough?”

Then it’s time to change tact, take off your job seeker hat and wear that of the employer’s. Put yourself in their shoes, would you hire yourself if the roles were switched?

Here are some key guidelines to help you navigate the CV-Writing process from the employer’s eye:

1. Plan before you write

A CV that selfishly screams “me, me, and me” without considering what the reader thinks on the other end is a sure way to have it tossed aside.  Before you draft it, keep this perspective at the top of your mind, if you were in the employer’s shoes what would you be looking for in the ideal candidate?

Thoroughly read the job description and do your research as you write your CV.

2. Is your CV worth their time?

This is where you need to remind yourself that it is not solely about you but primarily about whether you are right for them. Sounds harsh? It is nothing but the truth. Employers receive thousands and thousands of applications so they have no time to attentively read through every aspect of your CV.  Ensure that it’s easy to read, give it a clear and organized structure, check for spelling and grammar errors and have a great profile to prove your suitability for the role.

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3. Can you handle the job?

No one wants to hire someone incompetent.  The end goal for every employer who is reviewing a CV is to ascertain whether you have the standard qualities and experiences needed for the role.  Always ensure that you are up to the task, prove this by tailoring your CV to fit the job description.

Research the company in question while also reviewing what the role entails.  Give examples if you can and keep all the information relevant.

4. Putting pen to paper

Don’t write a novel. Think content over length. You have to grab the employer’s attention, highlight key skills and qualities that fit the role in the job description. Don’t just submit a generic CV, show the employer that you are invested and have done the needed research.

So remember, it is not solely about you but rather what you can do for the employer. Will you be an asset or a loss?

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