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By Audrey Korir

Your daunting job search has finally yielded some results, you got a job offer!! Congrats!  But before you excitedly say “yes” to a new role with a different company, stop and consider whether it’s the right opportunity for you.

Accepting a new job offer is a big decision. You do not want to find yourself regretting it just a few months down the road.

To determine your next step, here are some key questions to ask yourself;

Will you like this job?

Do you fully understand what your roles and responsibilities entail? Can you handle the pressure? Is the work environment conducive?

This isn’t just about a desire to end your state of unemployment or leave your current job; it’s about whether or not you would truly be happy in the role. Is the company reputable? Do their products or services excite you?

In other words, does the new role motivate you or is it going to leave you stressed out or searching for something different yet again?

Are your co-workers’ people you can work with?

You can’t tell everything about your future co-workers by what you see during your interview, but you can get a general vibe of what kind of personality shines at the company. Can you see yourself working well with them, respecting them, learning from them?

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Can you relate to the company’s values and beliefs?

This question is an easy one to forget when considering a new job.  It is crucial to research the company and know what its purpose is. Why does the company exist? What problem is it trying to solve? Could you work towards this mission every day? Make sure that its culture aligns with everything you stand for.

Is there room for growth?

The opportunity to learn and grow within your job role is vital for both your career and personal development. So, another thing to consider before you accept your new job is whether there are any growth opportunities within the company. Will you learn and develop new skills? Does the company offer any workshops or training?

Is the job location convenient?

Before saying “yes” to a job with a long commute, consider your schedule, lifestyle, and family commitments.  A lot of people underestimate the kind of toll a long and difficult commute will have on them. That’s why it’s important, to be honest with yourself: Do you want to spend two or more hours on the road every day?

Will you earn more?

Money isn’t everything, but let’s be honest you can’t enjoy life if you are constantly worrying about finances.

Again, that doesn’t mean that you should accept any salary which does not reflect your job experience and expertise.  Look at the overall picture of what the company can offer you.

Most people want to see a steady increase in salary over time. If this new job doesn’t offer much in the way of regular raises, then your best bet is to look for greener pastures.


Whatever course of action you choose to take, ensure that it is one that will lead you in the right direction and not into a corner.

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