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Coordinator of Co-curricular Activities & Trips Jobs, Teacher Jobs, in Kenya, Banda School Jobs

The Co-Ordinator Of Co-Curricular Activities at The Banda is responsible to the Headmistress and is expected to work closely with her, the Deputy Head and Senior Leadership Team in order to promote a holistic approach to education in line with the School’s ethos.

Job Description

  • To take responsibility for the organisation and oversight of the School’s Co-Curricular Programme (Extras and CCP) and school trips programme in the school, ensuring that activities and trips offer educational value and variation from year to year to inspire learning outside of the classroom.
  • Co-ordination will include the organisation of the Extras timetable, the booking of transport, ensuring comprehensive risk assessments are carried out and that all trips and activities meet the requirements of the School’s policy on safeguarding our pupils.
  • The Co-Ordinator of Co-Curricular Activities will be expected to teach, but on a reduced timetable.The Post holder will be expected to:


  • Maintain good order and discipline among pupils and safeguard their health and safety, both on school premises and when engaged in school activities elsewhere.
  • Source and timetable extra-curricular activities for all year groups including Pegasus Early Years. This will include lunchtime and after-school clubs.
  • Communicate with and oversee the extras providers, ensuring they fulfil the requirements of the School when providing extra activities, that they undergo Child Protection training and meet all safeguarding requirements.
  • Create and evaluate the Co-Curricular Programme (CCP) which takes place on a Friday afternoon. Create a timetable and ensure its smooth running.
  • Organise and oversee a comprehensive co-curricular Post Common Entrance Programme for the Year 8 pupils.
  • Oversee the provision of relevant information for the pupils, parents and staff.
  • Liaise with the Deputy Head to ensure a co-ordinated, streamlined approach for the pupils and staff.
  • Work with colleagues and the Senior Leadership Team to co-ordinate School events and activities throughout the year.
  • Ensure all staff are making a contribution to the co-curricular life of the school.
  • Ensure timetabling is effective and that communication is clear between all areas of
    the school.
  • Liaise with the Director of Development and Communications to ensure that the school celebrates its many successes in the co-curricular area of school life.
  • Liaise with the Head of the Lower School and Pegasus Early Years and all Upper School teachers to work out a proposed trips calendar for the academic year ahead.
  • Be available to all teachers and potential trip organisers to help plan and prepare trips where necessary and to provide leadership and give advice and assistance to members of staff who seek it when planning a trip.
  • Ensure that trips are planned to link to the syllabus being taught and provide educational value.
  • Control and monitor a budget as advised by the Finance Department.
  • Ensure that all children have equal opportunity to attend the trips available.
  • Ensure that each trip has an adequate risk assessment carried out and that sufficient consideration has been made to the safeguarding of all pupils.
  • Update and agree the Risk Assessment Policy with The Headmistress.
  • Evaluate each trip with relevant organisers to discover successes and weaknesses for future trips.
  • Ensure that parents are given detailed information about each trip, and oversee the
    organisation on the School’s management system (School’s Buddy) – to include; location, accommodation, objective of trip, cost, equipment and kit list needed, and contact details of members of staff on the trip.
  • Provide pre and post trip resources as well as field trip resources to ensure maximum learning from the trip.
  • Liaise with the school nurse and Administration Department to ensure all pupils are covered with insurance and evacuation cover for all trips.

Other Responsibilities

  • To plan work for each class in accordance with national and curriculum policies and in co-operation with Heads of Department, to ensure that the pupils experience a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum relevant to the age group
    being taught.
  • To liaise with the Head of Department and other members of the department concerning curriculum, schemes of work, teaching methods etc. to provide
    continuity and uniformity within the department.
  • To follow and implement school policies and procedures.
  • To ensure that the learning experience matches the individual needs of the pupils in your class – giving each child an opportunity to achieve to the best of his/her capability.
  • To evaluate your teaching and use this evaluation to improve and develop teaching strategies.
  • To make appropriate educational provision for pupils with learning difficulties and for those children with EAL, with support from The Banda’s Learning Support Department.
  • To create a secure, happy and stimulating environment, maintaining the highest standards of organisation and discipline.
  • To provide well-planned, creative and engaging learning experiences for pupils.
  • To liaise with parents concerning pupils’ progress and attend Parents’ Meetings to
    discuss the progress of pupils.
  • To write detailed reports on each pupil when required.
  • To perform duties, as requested by the Headmistress, for supervising the pupils outside the classroom e.g. Lunch/break.
  • To cover for any colleague who cannot attend school for any reason and to provide cover work for colleagues when absent from school.
  • To provide the Director of Teaching and Learning/Head of Department with detailed schemes of work and weekly planning and evaluation outlines.
  • To attend regular staff meetings and INSETS, before, during and after school hours, when required.
  • To run a Co-Curricular Programme activity once a week and assist in extracurricular events when required.
  • To be committed to the School’s Continuing Professional Development programme.
  • To maintain professional levels of conduct and uphold the School’s dress code.
  • Involvement in running extra-curricular Design Technology sessions may be required that could mean working outside normal working hours.
  • In addition to the above, a Subject Teacher in the Upper School may also be a Form Tutor in charge of a class and be required to perform all of the associated duties.


  • Be a progressive thinker with vision
  • Be caring, approachable, able to engage fully with pupils, parents and staff
  • Be a fully qualified teacher, preferably with Key Stage 2 and 3 training and experience
  • Be a passionate believer in the importance of a diverse and stimulating Co-curricular programme
  • Be a team-builder with excellent communication skills, able to listen, consult and motivate
  • Have experience of working in British curriculum schools
  • Be able to use initiative, show flexibility and be adaptable
  • Be pro-active as the Coordinator of Co-curricular activities and trips
  • Be punctual, with additional preparation time at the beginning and end of each term
  • Show organisational skills and leadership in behaviour, dress and speech
  • Lead by example in professional matters and preferably have some managerial experience within a school setting
  • Display confidence in and possess a high level of written English
  • Be able to use ICT in teaching and administration
  • Present a clean Certificate of Good Conduct or International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC)
  • Be a motivator

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