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Farm General Manager Jobs, Other Professions In Kenya, Rama Ltd Jobs

Position: Farm General Manager

Location: Nairobi

Salary: Kshs. 200, 000

Job description

A farm general manager, often referred to as an agricultural manager, is the person responsible for overseeing the development of crops and various items within the farm that are sold to businesses or consumers. A farm general manager typically works outside within the elements and oversees the farm’s operations from indoors


  • Plan and direct activities such as planting, growing, and harvesting crops
  • Oversee the processing of payroll and financial records, and prepare reports on farm finances.
  • Hire, train, direct, and supervise farm workers and office staff.
  • Manage farm financing, including negotiating loans, establishing relationships with purchasers, and buying equipment.
  • Direct the planning and managing of farm operations and handle farm business administration and marketing.
  • Business Development including strategy, markets, and product innovation Administration
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Deciding the type of crops to be planted, its quality, quantity, and mode of harvest, preparing detailed plans regarding its planting and harvesting schedules, and collaborating with farm operators for carrying out these activities.
  • Planning and preparing the finance reports, setting up budget limit for various farm activities, and maintaining the farm activities in agreement with the budgeted parameters
  • Hiring the full time / temporary field workers for tilling ground, managing harvest and other minor duties as required, and managing the work schedule, wages, etc., of these workers accordingly
  • Buying the farm supplies like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and arranging the repair and maintenance of field equipment, machineries, farm buildings, etc.
  • Managing the sales and marketing of farm products like crop harvest and planning the production yield on scheduled time for sending it at market auctions within the specified deadline
  • Monitoring the production and yield quality of crops and welfare as per the guidelines from regulatory authorities, and keeping up-to-date knowledge on plants  pests and diseases, and taking appropriate measures for curing the same
  • Monitoring the health and safety measures undertaken by the farm estate, keeping track of the health and safety of workers and other staff, maintaining environmental biodiversity, and undertaking environmental protection activities if required
  • Monitoring the entire production activities, making sure that the actual production is in accordance with production goals set and identifying and correcting the field production issue if the actual production is not in accordance with production goal


  • Demonstrable ability to lead Large Scale Farming Operations
  • Financially Literate- P&L responsibility
  • Good Team Skills
  • Can manage people effectively
  • Experience with working in corporate environments
  • Have handled a farm that is more than 100 Hectors
  • Bachelor and or Master Degree in Agriculture
  • additional qualifications, specifically in finance or business admin,
  • At least 5yrs work experience in a big farm and the same

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates to send their CV ONLY to  on or before 15th February 2020.