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By Perminus Wainaina

Do you constantly struggle to maintain good habits? Do you aspire to save more this year and push yourself towards success and wealth?

You may have set these goals last year, and lost momentum along the way. The good news is, with consistency, you can achieve what you have set out to. Consistency is power, and it is what inspires success.

Whether you are looking to get promoted, transition into working for yourself, run a successful business, exercise daily, improve your creativity or just be a better person, consistency is what will make the difference.

Renowned marathon-runner Eliud Kipchoge said, “When you bring motivation and discipline together, then you can be consistent. They say if you want to grow, consistency is the key. I’m confident in saying that consistency is key if you want to grow in a new profession. Be it sports. Be it law. Be it all sorts of professions. If you are not consistent, you cannot go anywhere. Consistency makes you grow.”

You can’t achieve anything, you can’t become anything, and you can’t reach any enviable height without consistency.

To realize any type of success in life, you have to consistently set goals and persistently work at them to completion.

How can you, therefore, be consistent?

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