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Learning Design Associate – Primary

Westlands, Kenya

Full Time

Learning & Curriculum Development
Mid Level
Want to Develop 21st Century Youth?

Nova Pioneer is a pan-African school network that prepares the next generation of leaders and innovators through world-class teaching methods with an emphasis on 21st century skills.

We look for passionate and creative individuals who are eager to bring in their diverse perspectives and experiences to develop innovators and leaders who will shape the African Century.

Job Description
Position:  Learning Design Associate – Primary Kiswahili

As a Learning Design Associate for Primary Kiswahili, you will revolutionize the way 21st century skills and knowledge are developed in African schools. You will be a central member of the team that will develop the Kiswahili language learning model that we will use in our schools in Kenya.

Function: Network

Your role will be based in our Network Office, Matundu Close, Westlands, with 1-2 days on our campuses each week.

Reports To: Learning Design Team Lead

The Nova Way

Our team culture is designed to reinforce our vision:

We model the growth mindset we want our students to embody; you are challenged every day and, as a result, you grow more than at any other point in your life.
We pursue excellence in every detail and do whatever it takes to produce great work quickly.
We are radically open: we share tough messages and our own vulnerabilities to help us grow.
We bring infectious energy, enthusiasm and fun to everything we do because joy fuels the hardest work and learning.


  • Use  themes, big ideas, Cambridge Curriculum, and Kenyan National Curriculum to create the day by day overview of lessons in Kiswahili for Pre-Primary 2 through Grade 5.
  • Create year-long Scope & Sequences for Kiswahili in  Pre-Primary 2 through Grade 5.
  • Create detailed, inquiry-based lesson plans using Reggio Emilia approach, blended learning, and small-group instruction.
  • Create materials that go along with each lesson.
  • Create a full unit’s worth of material that culminates in Project Based Learning.
  • Work with the Team Lead and classroom teachers to revise lessons after they have been taught.
  • Work with learning designers in English, Humanities and Math/Science to create integrated projects and investigations.
  • Create strong assessments/rubrics/continuum/checklists that allow each teacher to evaluate students.
  • Create assessments that infuse multiple assessment methods into the questions.
  • Receive  professional development on the Nova Model of Learning Design, integrated curriculum design, STEAM, Project-Based Learning.
  • Additional responsibilities as assigned by your manager.


  • You have 1-3 years of experience in a rigorous, high-expectations primary setting.
  • You are a fluent Kiswahili speaker with a passion for learning languages.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in primary education and/or Kiswahili education.
  • You have a desire to further develop your curriculum development skills and apply them to transform the lives of African youth.
  • You have strong writing skills in Kiswahili and English and are able to use those to create lessons that will help people learn it while being engaged and interested.
  • You are driven by data and can use data from student assessments to strengthen lessons and spiral in key skills

How to Apply