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By Joan Igamba

Often, people think that having years of professional experience means that writing your CV will not be a problem. However, many senior level jobseekers struggle when updating their CV.

You could be unsure on what to put in or what to leave out so that your CV stands out to your future employer. Here’s our advice for writing a clear, yet impactful CV.

1.Be ruthless

As a skilled professional, start by removing any information that isn’t relevant to the role you are applying for. You can start this process by highlighting the skills that are required for the job you are applying to. Have you used up valuable space describing skills that don’t match up to the role in question? If yes, take them out in order to simplify your CV.

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2. Write your CV with your target in mind

Now that you have only the relevant information on your CV. It is now time to make sure it stands out to the employer. As an experienced job seeker it is important that you do not overwhelm the reader with everything that you have ever done. This will lead the reader to lose interest quickly.

3. Make your personal statement stand out

A good way to organize your CV is to list your career history from most recent to least recent. If a previous job you had was irrelevant to the role you are applying to, you could just list the job title, dates and the company you worked for. Provide the most information about your current or most recent role and give less information the further you go back in your career history.

4. Career history

What you need to bring out clearly here is what you can offer that no other candidate can. Talk directly to the employer reading so that they have a reason to read on. You could also use this section to highlight notable achievements you have had in your career as a capable expert.

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5. Make your CV as current as possible

There is no need to include your early education or your first jobs on your CV. Always bear in mind that you need to ensure that your CV is as recent as can be. It shouldn’t include things from your past while you were an entry level employee because that was a different person with far much less to offer.


As an accomplished professional, you must ensure your CV emphasizes your years of experience in a way that does your skills and experience justice. Our CV writing team is here to help you optimize your CV to sell you as an experienced professional. All you have to do is email and you will get your CV streamlined so that it impresses employers.