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Now that January has come to an end, what are you plans for February, career wise? If you have been planning on enrolling for trainings but couldn’t due to financial constraints, then this is your chance.

Here is a list of the trainings we offer you this February.

Practical Accounting Job & Career Mentorship Program

Have you been applying for jobs as an accountant with no success?

Do you work in an accounting office but do not have all the accounting knowledge?

Are you a qualified CPA or BCom professional but lack accounting work experience?

Do you know how to file VAT, P.AY. E, N.S.S.F, N.H.I.F, withholding tax and other taxes?

Enroll here for the short course

Advanced Excel Training

Are you keen to advance this year?

Advanced Excel is one of the short courses that can add value to your career immediately.

Whether you are in finance, banking, research, NGO, or accounting, it pays to have advanced excel skills.

With advanced excel skills you will be able to perform data analysis, budgeting, prepare forecasts, create financial models as well as reporting.

Knowledge of advanced excel will make you stand out in a competitive field as most employers, now require you to have advanced excel skills.

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Project Management 

Are you looking for a project management short course that will assist you greatly in your career?

Do you desire to work in a project management environment i.e work for an NGO or any other profession that requires project management training, including construction, interior design, engineering, project accountant, etc?

Project managers are in high demand in this competitive job market and certification in project management can make you stand out.

Enroll here now for the course

Public Speaking Class

Does the thought of speaking in front of people makes you nervous?

Do you get nervousness to a point of holding back from sharing your great ideas in meetings?

Do you strongly desire to speak with confidence whether in office meetings, business presentations or networking events so that you can convince or persuade your audience?

Are you in a leadership position and want to lead your team well by communicating effectively?

There is no need to hold yourself back anymore. Come learn the skills of public speaking

Click here to enroll for a public speaking training now

Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing is the most important skill you should have in this day and era. Everything is becoming digital therefore to make yourself marketable, you ought to be a digital marketer.

So, do you have a deeper understanding of SEO, Google Analytics, Webmaster, Google Ad-words, Facebook/Twitter and LinkedIn advertising?

Would you like to know how to rank your website higher so that customers can find you when searching for your product online?

Register for the short course here today!

Customer Service Career Training

Are you looking for a practical short course that can help you get a customer care job quickly?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Customer service and admin jobs are one of the most readily available jobs for graduates.

Do you work in admin or customer service but don’t have a certificate for the training?

You can now grow your career when you have a certificate in customer service management.

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Practical HR Training

The practical HR skills training & mentorship program is for you if you are looking to learn practical skills that will enable you to apply to HR jobs, pass interviews and be considered as a HR profession and ultimately get the job.

When you join this training, you’ll learn practical and customized HR skills that will help you practice as a qualified HR and get to the next level of your career.

As a top HR consulting company, we are accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), and the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM).

Enroll for the short course here now!

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