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The rate of unemployment in Kenya has been rising over the years and if that is not enough, those that have jobs feel that what they have is more of a job and not a career.

This makes the number of people job searching far too many. Discouraging, right?

Not to worry, this is why you need to have job searching techniques that will put you on edge.

Be it you recently graduated, and looking for a job or tired of your job and seeking a new one, job hunting is not easy but having a strategy will keep you on track.

The following simple techniques will help you secure a job

  1. Dedicate More Time to Working on Your CV and Cover Letter.

Employers spend more time looking at your CV and cover letter than anything else. It is also the first thing they look at before they decide to meet you. This is why you need to create and spend more time working on them. Tailor your CV in such a way that it tells everything important you would want your employer to know in a simple and organized manner. If you are not sure how to it, you can seek help from professional CV writing experts.

  1. Get an Insider Recommendation

It is way easy to learn about a job opening or get called in for an interview if you have someone from that place to recommend you. Employers will easily trust their employees to recommend someone useful than risking someone they do not know. This, therefore, means you need to build your networks in that you interact with people from various institutions that might come in handy someday.

  1. Customize your cover letter to fit each job application

Do not use one cover letter for all job applications. For each job application, write a cover letter such that it tells the employer that you have what they listed in the job description. This will make you more specific and show the employer that you are capable of doing what they want to be done rather than a general cover letter that will not clearly tell what you are capable of.

  1. Email Courtesy.

Always respond to emails so that you can make your job search successful.. Most employers will not hire a job candidate that did not send a thank you email after being invited for a job interview. Even if your job application did not take place online, see to it that you find the employer’s email address and send a thank you mail. This simple thank you mail even after being interviewed can bring you an inch closer to your dream job. Personalize your email and counter check the sender beforehand and follow up in case you don’t get a response after the interview.

  1. Create a website profile specific to the desired position.

Most jobs get applied online and an employer will go straight to your profile to see if you fit their job description. Ensure you include your skills and build networks so that you will be able to land that job you have been searching for.

Your job hunt does not have to be a frustrating thing to do. You just have to employ the above simple steps and ensure you always apply for positions as soon as you see them so that you can be among the candidates shortlisted for an interview.

All the best in your job search.