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Preparing for interviews is the only way you can double your chances of getting the current job vacancies in Kenya. Different types of interviews require you to prepare specifically for each of them.

A competency-based interview is one of them. It a type of interview whereby employers use to evaluate whether the candidate is the right fit for their job vacancy.

To understand this type of interview better, you need to know why it is used.

Why employers use a competency-based interview style

  • To know if you have the relevant skills, they are looking for
  • To find out if are reflective of your past work experiences and aware of your career growth
  • Do you know what they need? This is how they find out
  • They use this interview-style to see if you can cope with the pressure and fit in well with the rest of the employees.

The questions asked in a competency-based interview are open-ended, giving you a chance to talk to your potential employer.

Unfortunately, most interviewees offer poorly structured answers and this is how they end up losing their chance of convincing the employer that they are the best fit for the vacancy.

So, how do you prepare for this interview?

How To Prepare For The Competency-Based Interview

  • Analyze yourself to know the skills you have
  • From those skills, find out the ones that relate to the employer’s wants.
  • Plan to talk about your previous work experiences and how you applied your skills there.

To prepare for something, you have to know what to expect and, in this case, you have to know the questions to expect.

Questions asked in a Competency-based Interview

  • How well can you manage a quality service?

This question does not come out this direct. The interviewer will ask you questions to test your external awareness competency.

You will the employer asking you the state of the economy, their competitors’ performance and any other general issues that may relate to the job in question.

Research about the company, its competitors and the national issues that relate to their line of work.

  • Do you have good communication skills?

Do you like to communicate informally, in groups or as you walk around, or perhaps more formally? Do you prefer to communicate verbally or in writing?

Whatever your communication style might be, show the employer that you are flexible in your approach and demonstrate how you do it well, depending on a situation.

  • At what pace do you deliver?

Here the employer wants to know your self-awareness in regards to time management and delivering results.

Give instances where you were delegated with the responsibility of carrying out a task and how you saw to its completion. Ensure you pick an instance where the outcome was impressive so that the employer gets to know your strong suits.

  • How do you make your decisions?

Questions that come in this line in a competency-based interview are meant to test your leadership skills and, judgment and integrity.

Show the employer that you can be trusted and that you have good judgment and can be a good leader. Again, give an example of a situation where these skills were demonstrated at their best.

The best way to ace this interview is by going in with a positive attitude founded on good preparation. Seek help from professional interview coaches so that you can be able to have thorough preparation and leave nothing to chances.

Go ace that interview!

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