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By Cynthia Chebet,

When writing your curriculum vitae, bear in mind that it is very crucial to you getting that job you have been eyeing.

This, therefore, means you have to get it right, otherwise, you will be facing rejection all over as you apply for positions.

Writing a professional CV requires you to clearly know the purpose; base it on the job description at hand to avoid having a generic resume.

There are a variety of CV formats but they all have a common pattern when it comes to the content. Whether you are writing your first CV or you have many years of experience, there is always a common guideline for coming up with a professional CV.

Here is how to write a professional CV that will get you interviews and the job.

1.Name, Profession, and Contact

The first part of your resume should contain your name, professional title, and your contact details.

Our professional CV writers advise that you do not write the phrase “curriculum vitae” on your title. This is because the employer already knows that is your CV.

Remember your email address and phone number are very important for the employer to reach you in case you qualify for an interview, therefore, do not forget to include them.


Name: John Miguna

Professional Title: Lawyer

Location: Town, County

Phone: 07**********


2.Personal Profile

This is the most important part of your professional CV because it entails your career objectives and professional achievements.

When writing this section in your CV, use the following guideline;

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer the company? What is so special about your skills?
  • Career wise, what are your goals?

This will help you make it short and straight to the point.


In this section of your professional curriculum vitae, talk about your employment and internship history and what you have been able to achieve during that period of time.

While doing this, keep in mind that the employer’s interest lies more on your most recent job thus listing the experiences chronologically.

Your most recent work should come first.

For each job history, use this guideline

Starting Date (D, M, Y)– Date you stopped working there (D, M, Y)

Company Name: e.g Corporate Staffing

Location: e.g Westlands

Role Title: e.g Digital Marketer

Outline: State the general nature of your daily work day there.

Key responsibilities: What were you assigned to do specifically?

Key achievements/projects: Any notable achievements? Mention them here.

4.Education & Qualification

Here you list the academic qualifications you have mentioning the institution and your accreditation. Just like the experience section, you have to start with the most recent institution you studied at.

Here is a sample of writing this section of your professional CV

  • Institution name – Time you studied (from-to)

e.g Daystar University – 2nd April 2016 – 5th June 2020

  • Qualification/subject – Grade

e.g Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

5.Other Skills

This section gives you a chance to write more skills you might have. Indicate at most 4 skills that you feel are important for the employer to note you have. Do not overdo it and ensure that they are relevant to the job at hand. The goal is the ensure your professional CV is as short as possible. No employer wants a novel-like resume, it is boring.


This section of your professional CV requires you to indicate your former employers or project coordinators to verify if you worked there and your performance record in case the interviewer wants to. Write their names, their position, and company and their contact details which should include their email addresses and phone number. Write at most three referees.

When choosing the referees to write, make sure they can speak highly of your work and before you do, inform them.

In Conclusion,

When writing a professional CV you should ensure it carries all your important details yet remaining simple. Having a format that will make your resume short and clear is the best way to go about this. You can always seek professional CV writing services here to ensure you do not gamble with your work.