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By Cynthia Chebet

Writing a curriculum vitae as a student can sometimes be a challenge especially when you are not sure about what to include.

When writing a resume for an undergraduate student, all you need to mention is your course of study, what you are hoping to gain from the position and the qualifications gained before your degree, skills included.

All these sections have to be filled with relevant information based on the job description. For you to get that job, you need to come up with the best student CV.

Here is how to write an undergraduate student CV that will market you.

1.Show Enthusiasm

Employers are always looking for enthusiasm in a student CV. Show the employer how keen you are to take upon a role and see to it that it is completed to the supervisor’s expectations.


Tailor your student CV in such a way it sells you. Show how efficient you are and the skills you have that will be beneficial to the company you are applying to.

In as much as confidence is good, do not be over ambitious about it. Only indicate the things you are capable of.

3.Focus on your strengths

The highlight of your skills section in the student CV should be your strengths.

What are you best at? Indicate this in a way that matches the job description. This will convince the employer you are the person they are looking for.

Just like any other CV, a student resume has sections; personal profile, education, work experience, and any relevant hobbies or volunteer work.

Here is how you should fill up these sections when writing a student CV.

1.Personal Profile.

This section of your student CV should include your contact, email, and address. You also need to write a brief personal statement just to give an overview of who you are. Mention your course of study, why you need the job and the skills you have gained so far.

Make it precise and straight to the point in no more than three sentences.


Write education history for your student CV in chronological order such that the most recent education history comes first and oldest at the bottom. For each academic step, mention the date you started and the date you finished but for your current place of the study write the starting date and say its ongoing.

3.Work Experience

For a student CV, mention any relevant jobs you have done to the one you are applying to. As you indicate the job, mention what you were responsible for and what you achieved that made a difference.


4.Volunteer work, Hobbies, and extra Skills

If you do not have work experience, for an undergraduate student CV, utilize this section to your advantage. Is there any volunteer work you have done? Indicate what you did and what you achieved. Remember, it has to be relevant to the job description. Your hobbies can come in handy as well. If there is a sport, for example, you play, it is important to mention what it has helped you learn.

As a student, all you need to do is use what you have learned in school and other constructive activities you partake in. You can seek professional CV writer’s help if you want to ensure the quality of your CV.

If you can do it yourself, make your student CV simple, avoid complicated fonts and flashy colors and make it a page, two maximum.

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