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If you want to become the most desired employee, you have to be a highly skilled professional in what you do. To have these skills professionally is by doing short courses. Not only will you learn a lot but also be able to do as many short courses since they take a short time to complete.

This coming week, we offer you three short courses that you should consider enrolling for.  Let me break them down for you so you know why they are essential to your career growth.

1.Practical HR Training – Monday 24th – Friday 28th

Human resource is the backbone of any organization. This is because it is responsible for staffing the organizations as well as catering for their needs.

Having HR skills is the best way to make yourself marketable in this flooded job market. You might have completed your studies in HR but every time you try to find a job, you are asked if you have practical skills to show for.

Well, this is where we come in. Our HR practical training offers a wide range of lessons in the human resource discipline. You will learn the key HR attributes that employers want and the HR compliance.

Interview coaching and CV writing lessons are part of the package deal you should not pass off.

You might have also been thinking of starting an HR firm. This is the training for you given that one of the lessons is how to set up and run effective HR structures and policies.

2.Customer Service Training – Wednesday 26th – Thursday 27th

As a business person, this is the training you need to enroll in. How you treat and handle your customers determines whether you will keep them or not and this all customer service.

To serve your customers well, you first need to understand their needs. What are their expectations? Once you understand this it will be easier to satisfy their wants.

How do you do this, you ask? Our customer service training covers all that and even deeper to make you understand the importance of doing all these while involving practical demonstrations.

The approach our training takes involves case studies, PowerPoint and video presentations, Q & A sessions, demonstrations and group discussions. It is a very interactive class.

Want to be a good customer service agent? Enroll in this class as well and become the best in your field of work.

3.Accounting training – Monday 24th – Friday 28th

Is your lack of accounting skills stopping you from doing the most?

This accounting practical job training and mentorship program offers you a chance to end that. In our accounting class, you will learn the most important skills an accountant should possess. The best part is that you will be able to do it practically covering the issue of lacking practical skills.

You will be taught how to use QuickBooks, an accounting most used software and how to file taxes. Interview coaching will be done for you as well be guided on how to write an accounting resume to help you get the job of your dreams.

Do not wait for long to decide on doing something about your career growth. Here is your chance, take it. Enroll in these trainings by emailing our training coordinator Jane, at You can also call her at 0768 669 016 to book your slot.

Hope to see you in class.

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