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By Joan Igamba

Your CV is your personal marketing document that you will have to use throughout your career.

The way you choose to format your CV will showcase your qualifications, achievements and track record in the workplace in order for you to get job interviews.

That’s why learning how proper CV formatting is done is an important part of the job search.

Using a curriculum vitae template to format your CV is very helpful. A CV template will prove helpful because it will condense your experience into headings and bullet points, giving the employer an easier time to read.

Read on for a few extra CV tips to help you use a simple template to format your CV.

1. Make a strong opening

Your personal profile or career objective is your introduction to the employer. Therefore, its purpose is to give employers a brief look into your experience and what you’re like as a professional.

Format your personal profile such that it includes your key skills, achievements and the goals you’ve set for your career.

2. Detail your employment history

Another important part of your CV format when using a template, is listing your employment history.

You need to write about your most recent positions first, detailing the employer’s name and your job title, duties and achievements.

Using bullet points is a great way to demonstrate experience and skills in a format that is easy to the eyes.

3. State your hobbies and interests

Although it’s not a requirement to state hobbies and interests on your CV, this section can help you become an interesting and likeable potential hire or employee.

If you have any interests which demonstrate your potential for learning and taking on challenges, that’s also a bonus.

Format this section such that it is brief, and you’ll leave the employer wanting to interview you to find out more.

Use The Below CV Template As A Guide On How To Format Your CV

Name | Telephone | Email

Personal profile

You should give an overview of your skill set that will appeal to your target employers.

Employment history

Duration / Company Name / Role Title

Key responsibilities

  • Detail your responsibilities and show as much of your skills and knowledge as possible
  • Use professional language and show how your duties impact the business where possible
  • Give lots of detail in recent roles and less in old roles as you go down the CV

Key achievements/projects

  • If possible, try to add some impressive achievements you’ve made that have had a big impact on the employer or a customer/client
  • Use numbers to quantify these achievements if you can (e.g. sold 100 units in 1 month)

Education & qualifications

  • Qualification – Institution – Year
  • Qualification – Institution – Year
  • Qualification – Institution – Year


Name of reference

Job title


Phone number

In conclusion,

Every company wants to hire winners. Present yourself as such by properly formatting your CV. If you need more help on coming up with a great curriculum vitae template, Corporate Staffing Services has a professional CV writing service, which you can access by simply emailing and you will get your CV redone to meet the standards of the Kenyan job market.