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By Joan Igamba

When writing a CV you want it to be your marketing tool that gets your foot in the door.

Your CV should represent you fully to a potential employer and give you an opportunity to meet the interviewer.

Ultimately, there are some qualities that employers look for from a CV.

Here are some characteristics of a good CV that you should ensure your CV goes by:

Builds Credibility

How would a CV do this? This can best be done by adding quantifiable results to your CV. If you increased sales at your previous job by a certain number mention that in your CV. Action words are your best friend.

Clearly Shows Your Career Path

Your career is made up of jobs that you have had previously up to the point that you are writing that CV. Order your work experience in a way that shows how you have grown in your career and how your previous jobs have contributed to the professional you are right now.

Portrays Relevant Skills

Your skills are why the employer wants to hire you. Write the skills section of your CV in a way that is easy to read and follow while matching those skills to what the employer needs. An easy way to do this is by going through the job description. Whatever is listed on the job description is what should shine through from your CV.

Shows You Understand The Role

While writing your CV aim to make an impressive first impression. This can be done by showing the employer you understand what they are in search for. If you have certifications that prove you are knowledgeable about industry trends then include them. If you have a professional network that shows how involved you are in industry events it is best to mention that in your CV.

Is Customized For The Job

You are applying for accounts assistant job but you have some sales experience, why bother including that? The employer is looking for specific qualities and your sales experience will likely not add anything to that. A smart job seeker will take that into consideration. You should ensure how you write your CV represents what the employer is looking for.

 Illustrates That You Would Fit Into The Culture Of The Organization

You could research the company’s culture by having a look at their website. If they are really driven by a team player mentality, then it is best to play up to your strengths of being a collaborative individual by writing that in your CV.

Make Your CV Great Again,

Ultimately, whether you are an experienced professional or an entry-level one, you must ensure your CV illustrates these qualities. That is the only way to ensure you stand out to employers. The good news is that our CV writing team is readily available to help you get started. Get CV writing help here and a FREE CV review!