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When preparing for an interview, you cannot help but wonder what type of interview you are going to encounter.

There are many types of interviews but we are going to discuss a selection interview.

A selection interview involves a one on one interaction with the interviewer, be it one interviewer or a panel. It is the kind of interview where you need to have a sit down with the interviewer then have a conversation, where the purpose is selecting the right candidate for the Kenyan job vacancy in question.

So, what does the selection interview entails?

How Selection Interview Works.

Two-way process kind of interview

  • This interview is often crucial to ensuring that selection is a two-way process. It is a mutual kind of interview in that, as the employer gets to test the potential employee for the qualities they are looking for, the interviewee also gets to assess the potential future employer.
  • As the company would like to know the detailed information about the candidate, the same way, the candidate is also eager to know about the work culture, the nature of the job, working schedules, etc., in the company. The interview provides an opportunity for the candidate to know more about the company.

A negotiation process

  • The Selection Interview is most times used as part of the negotiation process where issues such as training and development needs and salary requirements can be discussed.
  • This interview gives you a chance as an interviewee to negotiate for your salary since that question always pops up in this interview. If you are not satisfied with the salary being offered and you are qualified for the job, you can always negotiate it with the potential employer.

Use of experience and knowledge of expert interviewers.

  • The selection interview is normally carried out by the oldest staff of an organization. This, therefore, means they will need to use their knowledge and experience which is going to give the best results in terms of a suitable and appropriate candidate.
  • As you prepare for such an interview, study the company you are interviewing for. Know what they do so that you will be able to base your answers to their knowledge thus matching up to their expectations.

As a tool, the selection Interview is very efficient to an employer. It is used to assess many different competencies of a potential employee in a bid to find the perfect employee.

Here is a list of some of the qualifications that are tested in a selection interview.

  • Personality Test
  • How you can sell yourself professionally
  • Numerical Competency
  • How you can solve problems at work
  • How efficient you are, among other things depending on what the employer is looking for.

To ace this interview, all you need to do is prepare very thoroughly for it. Make sure your communication skills can market you well since at this stage, how you present your skills is all that matters. Just convince the interviewer of what you wrote in your CV because your skills seem to have made an impression on them given you got called for the interview. Interview coaching always helps to ensure you prepare well for your interview.