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By Perminus Wainaina

A few years ago, Ann (not her real name), took a huge risk and changed careers, from banking to HR. For her, it was a bold move that others admired but it meant several steps backwards for her financially. In her banking job, she was earning a salary of Kshs150,000 and now would be earning Kshs65,000 in HR. She felt she needed more direction and decided to attend a career event, to get insight on how others had done it.

During the event, she overheard some of the attendees talk about their successes and how things were going so well for them in their careers.

“Listening to them, I was close to tears. I had worked so hard. Why didn’t I have the same success and the same amazing life?” she lamented.

In today’s world of instant success stories and social media that makes everyone’s success visible and easy to access all the time, it can be a daunting task to avoid comparing ourselves. It is something that we find ourselves doing.

But is it healthy? Does comparing ourselves to our peers improve our lives?

The problem is that it does not.

If you are constantly comparing yourself to others, eventually you are going to find areas where you don’t match up.

Ultimately, this is going to leave you feeling inferior and depressed.

Here is why you should not compare yourself with others:

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