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Enabling Peace through Civil Society Strengthening in Turkana County, Kenya

Closing date:

The consultancy scope of work comprises 2 components:
Development of civic education manuals on rights, roles and responsibilities in land and natural resource-governance. This tool will include but not limited to the following sections.

  • Definitions/ Clarifications of acronyms
  • Best practices in land and natural resource conflict management in Northern Kenya (Turkana County)
  • Definition and meaning of community land
  • A snap view of the Land Acts and how they are related to each other
  • Clear provisions laid out in the Community Land Act (CLA) 2016.
  • Performance of the functions and exercise of powers under this CLA, 2016.
  • The customary land rights in relation to equal force and effect in law with freehold or leasehold rights
  • Conditions and criteria for compulsory acquisition of community land by the State in accordance with the law and for a public purpose.
  • Role and function of community land management committee
  • Management of community land and functions of Land Management Boards.
  • Land administration and management established in Turkana County
  • Land Policy and legal framework for improved land governance at
  • Finding synergies in National Land Commission, Ministry of Land, and Council of Governors to align priorities and work collaboratively

Development of evidence-based advocacy training manual on land and natural resource- governance. Holding duty bearers accountable and ensuring active engagement in matters of land and natural resource-governance issues requires a solid understanding of advocacy approaches and evidence-based research to inform, educate and influence policy and decision makers. In order to enhance the capacity of CSOs in these domains, including in building partnership and networks to support advocacy goals and objectives, a training manual on the land and natural resource governance advocacy needs will be developed. The advocacy manual should include but not limited to the following sections; Understanding land and natural resource governance issues in Northern Kenya (Turkana), Introduction to advocacy and key concepts (What is an advocacy campaign, why is evidence important to include in advocacy and lobbying); Features of advocacy (what are its characteristics, how do we plan for it); Steps in advocacy process to help local CSOs plan according to the advocacy cycle, using participatory exercises adapted to the local context: These includes:

  • Assessing the situation (understanding challenges and possible solutions);
  • Establish advocacy goals (solutions table, ranking exercise);
  • Develop an influencing strategy (stakeholder analysis, channels of influence and influence mapping, options for advocacy trajectories);
  • Finalize the details (clarifying Theory of Change);
  • Implement and monitor; and
  • Evaluation (how will the advocacy strategy be evaluated? By whom and when?).

The manual will be informed by systems thinking and in-depth power analyses to support civil society actors in influencing change in complex systems.

How to Apply

Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) in English to DRC.

The EoI should include:

• A suitability statement including CV of consultant and team, with details of qualifications and experience. The CV should highlight experience within their team in the context and the two components covered in this TOR including presentation of the manuals in simple useable formats.

• A 3-5-page technical proposal that summarizes understanding of the ToR

• Work plan indicating the activity schedule with clear duration and delivery dates of the manuals including the team working on the two manuals concurrently.

• Financial proposal providing cost estimates and consultancy fees.

• Contacts of three organizations that have recently contracted you to carry out similar assignment.

Interested applicants are requested to submit the above requirements by 13th November 2020 as outlined in the RFP Invitation Letter.

NB: All queries should be sent to:

Please note all the relevant documents/forms can be accessed from DRC website at

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