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“Last week I attended a Procurement Officer Position that only required 2 years of experience. However, I have 3 and a half years in the procurement field. The interview was going on well until the Human Resource manager asked me “Do you think you are overqualified for this job?

I completely went blank and I think this led me to losing the job. Please advice on the tips of answering this question in the future.”

This is a common interview question that employers use to see what your thoughts as an interviewee, are. Their main concern when they ask this is that you will get bored with the job as soon as you get a new opportunity. They may also be concerned that your expected salary may be more than what they are willing to pay.

Here is how you can answer this question and get the job:

1. Acknowledge that you might be overqualified

There is no need to hide that fact or act as if your knowledge, skills, and abilities do not exceed what they are looking for. Your honesty here will do far more good than harm.

2. Be open to discuss their concerns directly

You can always provide examples that lets the interviewers know how you feel about their objections and concerns over your qualifications. For example, you could say ‘I know that you may be worried that my salary expectations may be high but the truth is, this job meets my current expectations for the work that I will be doing.’

3. Give reasons how being overqualified will benefit them

You could say, ‘I can hit the ground learning quickly with very little training. I can deliver results almost immediately and be productive because I know what I am doing. I am also willing to help out in other areas such as sharing my skills and coaching junior staff.’

4. Don’t show that you are desperate for the job

You may be desperate for the job but do not show it even when asked this question. Many candidates say ‘I will start on any job just to be earning money at the end of the month.’ Being willing to take any job often makes the interviewer disqualify you.

A perfect answer would sound like this: “I may be overqualified for this position but I am interested in the position because of A, B, and C.”

A B and C are reasons why you want the job but should not include salary.

In Conclusion,

Even if your skills and experience show that you are overqualified you simply have to be strategic in your answer to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job.

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