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Many professionals are looking for jobs in banks. This has kept banks at an advantage when it comes to the interview process which is a competitive one. Truthfully, getting a job in the banking industry lies in your ability to sell yourself.

How do you go beyond preparing for the common interview questions?

Here are some questions you should expect:

1. What made you apply for a job in this bank?

An employer is looking for evidence that you have researched recent news and deal activity for the bank.

Here, you could use other approaches such as talking about how a bank’s “strategy” is different from those of similar banks.

“I have great interest in working around the globe and following your recent expansions into the diaspora this has created great interest in me working for your bank. This bank is also known for offering quality service to clients and your services and CSR missions show that you are a company that cares about giving back to society.”

2. Tell me about your cash-handling experience?

Having good cash-handling experience is an important qualification when being considered for a bank teller job. Honesty is required in this question.

“I have a good sense of performing reconciliation procedures and exceptional keypunching skills. I also have an ability to perform basic to advanced mathematical calculations coupled up with no cash loss for more than two years.”

3. Why do you want this bank teller job?

This question requires that you present the employer with your career goals and how you are interested in this position.

“I believe this is a company where my qualifications can make a difference. As a bank teller well versed in accounting packages and agency banking, I view this position as a fine opportunity that has the challenges to keep me on my toes.”

4. Tell me about a situation with an angry customer that you resolved?

Your answer should show a good understanding of how the issue was not personal and confidence in applying company policy.

“A customer caused drama in the banking hall complaining that her bank account had been deactivated for no reasons. It took a while to calm her down and have her air her concerns. I maintained my calm and actively sympathized with her. After apologizing, I found a solution  and she left the bank relieved.”

5. Why should we hire you?

Here, refer to the job description. Focus on what you can do for the company, avoid clichéd language, and evidence your answer.

“As per your requirements I have a degree in Business, good communication skills and speed and accuracy when it comes to serving clients. By hiring me you will be sure of high quality customer service and cross selling. This is something I have done for more than two years at ABC Bank and FGH Microfinance Bank which will be of help to the company.”

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