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“My advanced excel skills have enabled me to pursue bigger jobs,” says Joan, a student from our last class.

Wouldn’t you love to utter these same words to your friends?

“Learning Advanced excel has improved my career growth and I was able to take on more work responsibilities without feeling the burnout,” adds Joan.

Like Joan, here’s how having advanced excel skills can change your career: 

1. It is a fundamental solution and skill

Before signing up for this course, Joan was tasked with handling a report that required her to manually copy and paste data from different excel sheets. She was overwhelmed and knew there was an easier and more effective way to handle these reports. She researched excel but her skill set was not enough to write macros. So, she signed up for this practical training.

Advanced Excel is a skill that can be used in different industries and roles ranging from marketing to finance and accounting. It is a solution to most problems in your job and will increase your productivity.

2. You Work Smarter And Faster

Shift your focus to what is possible when you learn advanced excel; in most cases, it is rewarding in your career. Joan did not think that she would be promoted after her continued use of advanced excel.

When you learn advanced excel, reports or analysis that would take two days to complete will take a day or less. Why? You are able to apply the formulas you learned into your everyday work.

Show your boss how data analysis is more accurate when using advanced excel formulas as compared to when done manually with a calculator.

3. Gives You A Competitive Edge

An employer will pick a candidate who can quantify the results of having advanced excel skills over one who says they are willing to learn advanced excel skills on the job.

If you can easily leverage the use of pivot charts and pivot tables and reduce the time used in creating reports from days to minutes, why won’t you be hired? Advanced Excel offers this flexibility.

Your skills will always speak for you. If you are struggling to see how improving your excel skills will translate into a better career, just think about the current challenges you are facing? This is the best place to start.

To gain practical knowledge in the Excel program, enroll in our upcoming Advanced Excel Class.

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