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A CV is a proposal or a pitch that goes before you to sell you to a potential employer. It is meant to speak for you and present you as a professional absolutely capable of carrying out the job you are applying for.

For your CV to act as the perfect pitch, it needs to present the picture of a perfectly capable professional with unmatchable experience and expertise.

Your CV needs to foot the ability to be professional bringing out meaningful and relevant information regarding your career such as your educational background, experience in your area of specialization, and the track record of accomplishments you have acquired.

Below Are 6 Mistakes That Can Easily Be Avoided On The CV

1. Having a peculiar email address

There is nothing that screams unprofessionalism than having an email address that looks funny. The email addresses outlined in the contact details on your CV or ones used to send out applications need to be professional. An email like or is definitely not professional.

Seek to use your official name for email addresses with dots and commas and numbers to make it more unique. An email like is a lot better.

2. Spelling mistakes

There is nothing as off-putting as a CV that has obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes that can be easily avoided. It is important to read and reread your CV to rid it of these errors as such present you as careless and one who cannot take a keen interest in the little things. As such you might miss out on job opportunities.

3. Using unusual styling

Thinking that one needs to make the CV stand out by all means, there are candidates who add all sorts of colors to the template of the CV and use very unprofessional font types when doing it complete with images.

It is important to use a very professional font like Times New Roman, Calibri or Palatino Linotype and corporate colors like Blue or Purple can be used subtly to kill the monotony and present you as a serious and professional candidate.

4. Being too brief on the CV

In a bid to make the CV short and ‘concise’, there are people who think that doing away with important elements like duties and responsibilities and only having the position, the place of work, and duration of work is what makes it more presentable.

On the contrary, this presents you as a laid-back individual who is not serious about what he or she is looking for.

It is very important to have the duties and responsibilities clearly outlined. However, there is a catch. Not all roles need to be outlined in the CV.

Instead, capitalize on the most specific duties relevant to the career you are in as opposed to including even the most general ones like “Offering help to my team members when required to

5. Having an overly long CV

Individuals with over 10 years of experience and who have worked for more than five organizations tend to have a longer CVs than those who possess experience of between one to nine years. In most cases, these CVs go to over five pages which are very unnecessary.

Most employers tend to look at the three most recent experiences and ignore the rest. What one has the most recent experience in is what is considered to be an expert in.

Avoid the mistakes above and your CV will most definitely land you the interview that will edge you closer to that dream job.

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