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Between your busy work schedule and looking for a job, revamping your CV may not be something you have time for. 

How do you then ensure that your CV remains ready for any job you see and goes on to impress your potential employer?

Here is how you can write a CV that remains relevant in your job search, and will ultimately get you your dream job:

1. Remove skills that everyone is expected to have from your CV

While some skills are unique to you others are not, and therefore do not make you stand out in any way. A good example is computer skills. Going ahead to list that you undertook training in computer studies will not add any value.

Being able to work with MS Word or Excel is a minimum expectation that every employer expects from the candidate.

If you have skills that are unique to you and will add value to your CV, then be sure to bring them out clearly especially when they are very likely to add value to your skillset.

For example, if you are a marketer who is keen on digital marketing aspects such as SEO and Blogging then bring that out clearly.

2. Show off your work in relevant ways 

Take time to figure out the path your career is taking and showcase the relevant work you have done and achievements that will give you an edge.

Note that work or achievements that are not likely to add any value to your job search should not be on your CV.

Truth is today, maintaining a positive and relevant online presence counts. Sites like LinkedIn help you connect easily with potential employers by giving you a platform to showcase your expertise in the digital space.

It is possible to draw attention to yourself and showcase your skills on such sites creatively for example with the use of articles and thoughtful posts.

3. Demonstrate Passion in your CV

When it comes to your CV, there are some things that will set you apart as being passionate about what you do.

For example, have you gone out of your way to learn new things related to your career? Have you undertaken volunteer work, have you done something that was really not expected of you but went ahead to pursue it because you love what you do?

Put that in your CV to demonstrate passion.

Don’t have any relevant hobbies or extras? Join professional groups related to what you do and network. This will give you an opportunity to gain additional skills from peers and make contacts that can help you in your career journey.

4. Include what you are learning in your CV

 You could have just enrolled for your Master’s Degree or further training relevant to your career. Put that down in your CV as an ongoing course and bring out the value that what you have learned so far is adding to your career.

You could also be undertaking a free online course that also adds value to what you do.

Use your cover letter as an opportunity to discuss one of your current classes in depth. Dive into what you’re learning there and why you’re so incredibly excited about it.

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